Supporting sites and ticketing

SharedBox allows you create a support site where users can:

How it works

Custom Domains

Every SharedBox account automatically has a support site. You can find the link to yours in the settings page for Support site. It is in the form [your-team-domain].supportby.email where [your-team-domain] is your Slack’s workspace domain.

You can change this to something more custom like a full domain (supportforawesome.app) or a subdomain (support.awesome.app).

For full domains, simply point the domain’s A record to and update the domain in the settings page.

For subdomains, create a CNAME pointing to domains.sharedinbox.co and update the domain in the settings page.

Setting departments

If you have multiple SharedBox accounts and want to allow users that want to send a request select which channel to send to (in form of departments), you can set this up in the settings page as well.

If for example you have the accounts [email protected] and [email protected], you may want to enter the values "Sales" and "Support" as departments connected to these respective channels. These values are shown to the user as a dropdown option to pick from when about to send a new request.

If there are parts of this document that is confusing, kindly send a mail to [email protected] or use the live chat button.