State of Shared Inboxes Report 2021

This ebook will provide you with an in-depth look at shared inboxes. You will learn what a shared inbox is, how it works and what you are missing out on by not having one.

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How teams use Shared Inboxes
Backed with Data

The following report was created to help readers effectively include Shared Inboxes in their Organization.

Customer Support

Track and respond to all your customer’s messages at one place, add one click support tickets to email replies when required.


Centralise your sales communications and manage inbound leads effectively by quickly assigning them, while having internal conversations over email threads.


Centralise candidate email applications and conversations, make hiring decisions faster with internal conversations and easily include more team members in your recruitment process when required.

Operations Management

Collaborate with all external parties including partners, providers, consultants at one place, discuss internally about conversations and make assigning work quick and transparent.

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State of Shared Inboxes Report 2021 Cover Image