What is GDPR?

GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulation is a new European law. It governs how personal data is utilized and handled. The three primary objectives of GDPR are the following:

  1. Standardizing European data protection regulations;
  2. Providing citizens control over the use of their personal data;
  3. Ensuring that companies know their responsibilities concerning personal data.

SharedInbox GDPR compliance

As a SharedInbox user, the GDPR provides you with new rights and the ability to access your data better. Please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] for any queries or questions.

Data Processing Agreement

We provide data processing agreements for our customers that are operating in the EU. Our DPA has contractual terms to offer that meet GDPR requirements. They also show clients the data privacy and security commitments we have. Kindly get in touch with our DPO if you want a sample or signed copy.

To ensure that we are not imposed with inconsistent or additional terms apart from what is reflected in our standard DPA, we do not sign the DPAs of customers. Additionally, we make no personal changes to our DPA as doing so would need legal counsel and being a small team that is prohibitive for us.