Slack Gmail integration

Unlock seamless communication by integrating your Gmail with Slack. With SharedInbox, Gmail users can effortlessly connect their email accounts to a dedicated Slack channel, ensuring that no email goes unnoticed.

      7-day free trial. Starts at $9/month afterwards.

Compatible with any email provider

"If you have an email that more than one person needs to access and you also use Slack, use SharedInbox and save yourself the headache."

Paul Pascarosa

President, Headwater Environmental

Gmail + Slack makes work more fun

Send Emails from Slack

✅  Connect your Gmail account

No need to toggle between Gmail and Slack. Compose and send emails right from your Slack workspace.

Reply to Emails in Slack

✅  View Emails as Slack Messages

Receive notifications in Slack when emails are sent to your Gmail inbox and reply directly from your Slack channel.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

✅  Discuss important emails with your team in threads

Each email conversation from Gmail creates a new thread. Tag your teammates and discuss before replying or sending. 

Improved Accountability

✅  Assign emails to the team members responsible

Each email received from Gmail can be assigned to a member of your Slack workspace. Select the team member and make sure the right email is assigned to them. 

Always know the status of every conversation

✅  Assign statuses to emails to stay up-to-date

Each email from Gmail has a dropdown menu labeled “Status”. Choose one of 4 available status options and update the status as the conversation progresses.

Never miss a deadline

✅  Make sure issues are resolved on time, every time

Each email received from Gmail can be assigned to a member of your Slack workspace. Select the team member and make sure the right email is assigned to them. 

Keep tabs on your team

✅  Reporting gives managers the insights they need

Run a report showing the status of every email received from Gmail, who is working on it and when it’s due. 

Works in Slack

No new installation or application required. Use a tool your team is already familiar with — Slack.


Multiple channels + sources

Add multiple emails like [email protected] or [email protected] to your Slack workspace.


Email deliveries and opens

Know when your email is delivered and when it is opened.


Email attachment support

See files and pictures attached to your emails directly in Slack.


Custom email signature

Create a custom signature to attach to your emails.

Simple pricing

All plans come with a 7-day free trial, unlimited team members, unlimited contacts and unlimited outbound messages.

Yearly 2 months free


1 connected email account

1,000 inbound messages/month

500MB attachments storage

SharedInbox branding


7-day free trial


5 connected email accounts

5,000 inbound messages/month

No storage limit

Custom email signature

Priority support

7-day free trial


20 connected email accounts

Unlimited inbound messages

No storage limit

Custom signature

Priority support

7-day free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a connected account?

A connected account is a Gmail email that SharedInbox connects to your Slack workspace

What happens if I exceed my monthly limit?

You will be notified twice before you hit your plan limit to upgrade your account; the first time at 60% usage and the next at 90% of your plan limit. Your account will stop receiving emails once you hit your plan limit.

Is my payment data safe?

Payments on SharedInbox are powered by Stripe. The details of your credit card will never hit our servers. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. 

What is an outbound/inbound message?

Outbound messages are messages sent out from Slack. These are sent emails as a reply or a new message. Inbound messages are emails sent to you that get delivered to a dedicated channel in your Slack workspace.

Can I upgrade/downgrade at any time?

Yes. When you upgrade,  your new payment will be prorated. When you downgrade, you will receive a prorated credit towards your next charge. If you cancel your subscription, your current plan will be active until the end of the current billing cycle.

What payment methods do you accept?

We support all major debit and credit cards.

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